Thursday, December 10, 2009

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I made it though the night with a dose of sulfa in the morning, I still itched terribly but my nose was better.

I went to my doctor today and told him about the problem. He said I should stop taking the oral antibiotics and concentrate on the topical.

I did that today. Sadly it did not work. The infection is back with a vengeance. My the inside of nose really hurts again for the first time since I started the oral antibiotics. It is very bloody with bright red blood again. This morning it was all dead with only brown blood coming out. Had I been able to tolerate the sulfa drug antibiotic a few more days, I would have been cured.

I expect to go to the hospital in next day or two. I expect to die there. The infection is growing so fast that they will give me intravenous antibiotics. I cannot live. My immune system is too reactive. I will go into anaphylaxis or have my airways swollen shut.

Sure wish I could go back in time and know how I got this bacteria and make sure I did not get it. Too bad.

Life has been great except for my allergies.

I made it to 56 years way past my expiration date. Most folks with my allergies die much younger. I was hoping for a cure. It did not happen.

My only chance would be Tblisi, Georgia half a world away. I would be dead before I got my passport and transportation there. This is a VERY aggressive bacterial strain. It must have multiple ways to disarm the human immune system.

Actually I just thought of one more hope, the antibiotic Zyvox. It is supposed to kill staph but it is also supposed to be restricted to hospital acquired multi drug resistant strains of enterococcus according to my primary care doctor. Perhaps I can get an exemption. Perhaps it will work.

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