Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Whole cell, T-effector vaccine for MS

Here is another kind of vaccine cure for autoimmune.


This should be even more effective than the allergy shot kind. See Cure 3 in my Best Hope posting for a similar vaccine cure from a different company.

In this type of vaccine, autoimmune “bad guy” cells are damaged and re-injected into patients with the goal of alerting the immune system to their presence.

Those of us with autoimmune disease have a tremendous number of these “bad guy” cells but our immune systems do not see them.

By taking some of them out, damaging them (the process is called attenuating), then re-infusing the damaged cells, something about the damage alerts the immune system. It not only kills off the damaged cells but now sees the undamaged ‘bad guy” cells as well. Our immune system once cued (alerted) goes on to destroy or disable all the “bad guys” that are causing the immune damage. Autoimmune attack stops. We are cured.

Again notice it is one of the big four autoimmune diseases that gets treatment first. MS gets a shot (pun) at a cure before the rest of us.

Remember all autoimmune disease are caused by a bone marrow fault which makes our immune system. Any cure for one autoimmune disease should work for all autoimmune diseases since all autoimmune diseases are the same disease at their core.

Any one of us with the 80 or so autoimmune diseases could have our T effectors extracted from our blood, damaged (attenuated), re-infused and we are cured.

It will not happen for decades, unless you act now.

By the way all that Tovaxin stuff in the article, just refers to a toxin used to damage the T effectors. Lots of toxins would work. Heck nuclear or even UV radiation would work. Why do you think psoriasis phototherapy works? Enough UV gets through the skin to damage a few of the T effectors and/or dendritic cells in peripheral capillaries to start alerting the immune system to a problem of too many “bad guy” cells. Sadly phototherapy by itself is not enough for most of us. But getting a tan might not hurt.

We need this whole cell vaccine as well as the allergy shot vaccines in massive human testing NOW! Call the FDA, demand this kind of vaccine be tested on all autoimmune diseases NOW! Demand all patients who request treatment be given it. Demand the NIH fund these vaccine cures NOW! Tomorrow is too late.

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