Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MS "allergy shot" vaccine in the news

Check out this URL. http://www.immunetolerance.org/news/articles/tolerance_news/article_1212.html

The above link will take you to an article about an “allergy shot” kind of vaccine for MS, an autoimmune disease. This new therapy is for one of the Big Four autoimmune diseases that get all the new therapies (RA, MS, Lupus, juvenile diabetes).

The protein in the outer coating of the nerves under autoimmune attack has been identified for MS. It has been designated as MBP8298. A series of infusions with the dose of MBP8298 steadily increased will hopefully induce tolerance for the protein. Tolerance meaning that specific Tregs (autoimmune good guys) will be formed which turn off the attack and T effectors (autoimmune bad guys) will be turned down.

This same type of allergy shot vaccine could be done for any of the eighty other autoimmune diseases. The specific protein would have to be identified for each autoimmune disease and its subtypes—perhaps 500 to 1000 proteins. Using a patient’s blood serum, a centrifuge, a microarray with fluorescently labeled potential targets and a computerized reader; the specific protein target under attack for any autoimmune disease could be found in a day or two.

That’s correct, no matter what autoimmune disease you have, the target needed to make this technique work could be found in less than a week. A couple of months of this therapy and about 60% of you would either have no symptoms or greatly lessened ones.

Do not get your hopes up. This cure is not coming for you any time soon. Even our MS friends will have to wait three or four years. For the rest of us, it will be decades.

So you can sit in your chair and hope for a cure and suffer and die in the meantime. Or you can take action for yourself, your loved ones and the rest of us. Call your Congressman and Senators. Call the FDA—demand unlimited autoimmune vaccine testing now! on every patient who wants it! Call the NIH—demand funding for this type of vaccine.

If the autoimmune community had the will, this vaccine cure could be available to every one of us by the end of this year!

The Psoriasis protein target has already been found, more than a year ago. With this technique my son could have had one less year of pain and disability. Instead he rots in his chair every day trying to ignore the pain. Or struggles to sleep at night when every movement hurts. I m tried of waiting and hoping.

If you are only hoping for a cure, you are lost. Hope chokes. Hope sucks. Hope is a loser.

Only action heals. Take some kind of action today. Cures today! We cannot wait.

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