Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Researchers Reply to previous "Deadly Wait" post

A researcher form Columbia responded to the previous blog saying:

Let me please first clarify that there is currently no drug that is FDA approved for one disease that is helpful for AD.

The drug that was used in this study, TSA, is not currently approved by the FDA, and is just from the same class of HDAC inhibitors of the drug that was investigated in this study. (A currently HDACi that is FDA approved for cutaneous tcell lymphoma, Vorinostat (SAHA), marketed under the name Zolinska, was not used in this study).

He also wrote:

The drug tested in this study is not FDA approved and happens to be from a class of HDAC inhibitors (of which a current cancer drug belongs).

While I very much appreciate his response, I still feel a great amount of rage over delays to cures for my son and for my good friend who had Alzheimer's.

A Wiki approach to finding cures where EVERYONE contributes to the cures and EVERYONE who contributes gets credit and a piece of the profit could give us cures to the easy diseases like autoimmune, allergy, asthma, and Alzheimer's, hemophilia, and sickle cell anemia in months. That is right MONTHS instead of decades under our current system.

The individualized, private, "hide my discoveries, so I can get a bigger profit," drug discovery process in use today will take decades, if not centuries to get to those cures.

Society at large is at increasing risk for each day of delay in implementing a WIKI type drug discovery process. I am talking drug resistant bacteria (including a now completely resistant strain of tuberculosis--NOTHING kills it!). Until we get serious about finding cures for diseases as fast as possible, we are all at risk and that risk increases daily.

Perhaps when enough of us our dying of resistant bacterial infection, we will adopt the WIKI approach and find cures fast. That is the only hope for those of us either personally or with a loved one afflicted with catastrophic disease.

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Grizzly1 NSDF said...

Drug companies are in business to profit from illness. Not to cure it.

For example: Parasites were shown to put crohns into remission in studies back in 2004. Yet the money is in finding way to make a drug out of it, instead of just using benign little hookworms.