Friday, February 20, 2009

Ustekinumab found effective AGAIN! FDA STILL DELAYS!

Ustekinumab was found effective in yet another study.

When will the bureaucrats at the FDA approve its use?

The FDA bureaucratic cowards will not tell. I have personally written and asked the FDA three times. Three times they have sent me a form email with NO INFORMATION.

Also notice in the article that the Mengele monsters at the FDA required a placebo group of psoriasis patients to suffer so that "pretty numbers" could be had in this study. Not every study needs "pretty numbers' of a placebo group. Especially not in WELL KNOWN diseases whose disease progression has been well studied and long known.

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Sharon Brown said...

The number of shots of Ustekinumab needed are very few, is a possibility that you could come to Canada to get your son treatment? Ustekinumab (Stelera) is approved for use in Canada. I've been reading up on PsA because my husband has it and Enbrel just isn't working anymore. I know coming to Canada for treatment isn't a solution to the "big problem" but it may be a temporary fix for your son's PsA.