Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are the Placebo Arms of Clinical Trials a form of Mass Murder?

Another problem with clinical trials is the placebo group.

The terminal cancer patients assigned to the placebo group are being given death sentences so some clinical trial clinician can have pretty statistics. This ranks close to as evil as a Dr. Mengele experiment.

The clinician wants to be able to say, " Look in the investigational drug branch of the trial 80% of the patients were alive after six months but in the placebo group only 20% were alive in six months.

Think what this means. It means that 60% of the patients in the placebo group were sentenced to death just for pretty numbers.

These patients were terminal. We know approximately how long they will live and how they will die. We have decades of experience and data about how and when they die, yet we must watch another group of several hundred die because it makes our numbers nicer. How monstrous!

In Europe the whole idea of having placebo groups at all is being debated because it is an evil cruel thing to do to terminal patients and their families. We need that debate here, too.

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