Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oregon University drug blocks 19 cytokines!

Oregon Health and Science University announced today that they have created a drug which normalizes the production of 19 inflammatory cytokines (immune system signaling molecules).

The best medicines on the market today only target ONE inflammatory cytokine. Remicade, Humira, Enbrel, Cimzia target the cytokine, TNF alpha. There are other meds that target IL-1 or IL-6. Soon there will be two new drugs that target TWO inflammatory Cytokines IL-12 and IL-23 (CNTO 1275 from Centocor, Abbots 875. But there is no drug any where in development today that blocks more than two inflammatory cytokines. This one at Oregon blocks NINETEEN!

I want it. I want it now! How do I get it for my son? or myself? money? mob influence? political organizing. The last one is the only one available to me. So I am going with it. Support Abigail Alliance. Support FULL ACCESS to clinical trial drugs! Call your Congressional Representative and US Senators!

Until we force the issue politically drugs like this are decades away from helping any of us or our loved ones. Under current FDA procedures and protocols the drug will be tested for cancer patients first. Probably it will take a year or two of successful clinical trials for cancer before it will be tested for autoimmune disease. No hope under existing testing and clinical trial protocols and regulations for FDA approval in less than ten years for our autoimmune conditions.

Read the original article here:

This new drug holds great promise as a treatment for all inflammatory autoimmune disease which includes RA, PsA, Diabetes Type I, psoriasis and most of the other 80 or so named diseases. The only one I am not sure it could help is Lupus, SLE because the latest research I have read indicates Lupus to have a cause with faulty disposal of damaged DNA fragments.

Too bad we can not have access. If you do not like waiting and suffering for a decade or moreafter major drug discoveries like this one, go to Abigail Alliance site and contribute and or call your local Congressional Office and US Senators offices and ask them to support the Abigail Alliance Full Access bill.

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